How to Stop Hurricane Irma Dead in Her Tracks!

I was rumbling around online in an effort to stop hurricane irma and or help and protect those in her path and ran across a few lightworkers that attempted to stop hurricane harvey with the light and love from their hearts.(I had already did the same) Some joined and were encouraged by their prayers while others simply laughed at them and called them worst than religious fanatics waiting on a miracle from jesus.

Whatever you believe in if we the people believe that we can mustard enough faith and courage to stop a man made or natural disaster or anything else we are facing we can do so through divine faith and the power of our most high. So here today I am making a commitment to stop hurricanes, cyclones and other dangerous storms from threatening or ruining the lives of others any way I can to best of natural and financial ability.

Here is a prayer for Severe Weather Protection for us all and my own protective mantras that I use to successfully keep dangerous storms that have threatened the surrounding area around me while keeping me safe from harm. And believe you me I am praying every day to stay prayed up ever knowing my physical body is not here to stay.

Great Mother Nature! Please Protect the Universe, the Entire Planet Earth, All Countries, Land, Seas and Waters including the USA, Cuba, Mexico, Hispanola and the West Indies from all or any dangerous storms that are man made, natural or unnatural in occurrence. If they must occur please do all you can to protect our families, friends, ourselves and each other from these disasters. Let us be prepared with divine faith and the breastplate of our own righteousness in knowing that we are fully protected by our highest spiritual power which is indestructible in nature forever.

Stop Hurricane Irma NOW!!Please Share this Prayer to Stop Hurricane Irma and Comment with a Prayer for Worldwide Severe Weather Protection or Severe Weather Protection in your area or where you have family and friends. Check back as we will be working with Mother Nature to stop all dangerous storms of this nature henceforth. Always be prepared for anything anytime with divine faith in yourself and your highest power. Peace and Love Your Friend Kim

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